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About is one of our brand, it was established around 2008 by Bizarre Creative Consultants ( Bizarre Creative Consultants was established at year 1994 ) with the goal of providing cost-effective approach for the client to use a Membership system, Electronic Business System with Online Shopping info, is marketing and powered by Bizarre Creative Consultants and Microcard Marketing.
During year 2015, was manage by Microcard Marketing ( A whole own by Bizarre Creative Consultants ).
At year 2018, Microcard Marketing was increase the business nature become an importer and we have setup our company in China Henan Lingyue Import and Export Trade Co.LTD. We have our own marketing and network team to distribute our product at China. Our business base is between Malaysia and China. We mainly import commodity product such as Copper Cathodes, Chicken Feet, Chicken Paw, Chicken Mid-joint, Lead Powder, Lead after refinery, Used Rails to China market. We also welcome and looking for any factory who can long term cooperation and supply Copper Cathodes, Chicken Feet, Chicken Paw, Chicken Mid-joint, Lead Powder, Aluminum Ingot, Used Rails for us. We will increase our commodity item in the future, according to the approve of the permit and quota

Microcard Marketing are involve in few categlories of business.

Microcard2u - Import and Export at Worldwide, Online Platform, I.O.T. System, Gateway.

Henan Lingyue Import And Export Trade Co.LTD - Import and Export at China.

Chemicaboy - Chemical product for car beauty, personal beauty and home cleaning.

Kawawear - Leather product, A new concept of intelligent, elegant and luxurious leather product

Philosophy & Vision Of Microcard2u

- We aim to be the leading concept technology of choice that consistently achieves excellence.

- New era, new concepts, convenient and environmentally friendly

- Save the earth, each a reality, but the earth forever.

The Motto & Mission Of Microcard2u

- We are committed to delivery quality product, timely delivery, safe working environment,
cost effective and value to our customer.

- We aim to provide a platform for our staff to develop their potential and to excel within organization.

- By the quality, durability, responsibility for the premise,
more than the best and with your preferential omnipresent topics.

Core value

- We challenge ourselves to excel and believe that everyone has opportunities for carrer growth.

- We hire and train the most capable staff and reward superior performance.

- We work with our client, consultants and subsidiary as a team basis, and mutual respect to bring success.

- We assure quality and timely delivery thats meets customer satisfaction.

- We continuously upgrade our performance and communication through active participation and teamwork of all our people, with improve commitment.

- We benchmarking our Quality Management System work processes base on or exceeding the requirement.

Health, Safety and Environment
- We recognize that Health, Safety and Environment at work is one of the most important in our organisation.

- We placed highest priority in protecting the Health and safety of all personnel from recognizes hazards while preventing damage to the environment.

- We are committed in ensuring that all personnel enjoy a safe, healthy and conducive working environment.

Our Business

Importer & Trading
- Commodity Product
Copper Cathodes, Lead Powder, Aluninum Ingot.
Used Rails - We have import lesen at China
Chicken Feet, Chicken Paw, Chicken Mid-Joint - We have import quota and lesen at China

- Oem Branding

- Branding

- Online Platform

- Internet of Thing

Our Brand

Microcard2u Shopping Site

Was Started At 2009 January, It Was An Online Shopping Place. All The Product's In Microcard2u Shop Is Distribute Or Own Brand.
What We Have?

*Online shopping : Tangible product, Cash card (Debit voucher), Discount voucher, Limited voucher.

*Online electronic membership data + redemption system + referral program.

*Communication between business and business by sms / e-mail.

*Communication between business to public city by sms / e-mail.

*Branding promotion mall for public city

Features were continually added- more sophisticated reporting tools, online new member sign-up, membership renewal processing, polling, website member's only area, event registration, event invitations... . It quickly became apparent that different organizations, large and small, could take advantage of the features of these systems.

Shopping Concept Of

Product and Virtual product

Tangible product
are real physical products for general products..
anything range from automobile to household products.
Eg. Toyota Camry and Food Processor.
we will add more products from time to time.

Featured product of Microcard2u
Paperless - Debit Voucher, Discount Voucher and Limited Voucher
Generally, the merchant always do a promotion with vouchers, and normally how the voucher works?
Eg : normal price RM500, and now promotion period bring along with your voucher and get your discount price at RM450.
And now Microcard2u provide you a paperless : debit voucher, discount voucher and limited voucher.

What is Paperless - Debit Voucher, Discount Voucher and Limited Voucher?

Debit voucher ( Virtual Cashcard )
Microcard2u's ideal - to giving back to customer. Nowdays, the competition of the business, so how's the merchant to keep their own loyalty customer?
The answer is "discount voucher ", and how the voucher works?
Eg : normal price RM500, and now promotion period bring along with your voucher and get your discount price at RM450. But once consumption required.
And now, hows Microcard2u Debit voucher works?
It"s a prepaid-like voucher suitable for Any Industry.
Eg. F&B industry like Restaurant, Confectionary, Hotel, Super Market....
Customer will buy the products from the Merchant directly by deduct the amount spend from the balance of debit voucher.

Discount Voucher
Discount (or special price) for specify product and use for 1 time.
Eg. Toyota voucher.
When the merchant do a promotion through Microcard2u, customer will buy the discount voucher from Microcard2u shopping site, after they buy the discount voucher, the discount voucher will auto saving to the customer's member card. And the customer will enjoy their discount voucher just show their member card.

Limited Voucher
Similar to discount voucher, but limited in quantity.

Microcard2u Member Card and Microcard2u Virtual Member Card

Microcard2u member card
After you sign-up as Microcard2u's member, you will receipt an e-mail confirmation and you make your first order
you will receipt an member card from Microcard2u. And you will enjoy your priviledge when you go to our merchant shop.

Microcard2u virtual member card
After you become as Microcard2u's member, you have a choice to have a Microcard2u member card or Microcard2u virtual member card or both, for Microcard2u virtual member card just download and install on your smartphone.

Whether you have Microcard2u member card or virtual member card, all of your transaction order at Microcard2u are record inside your card, no longer like before, leather bag filled with shopping vouchers.
You may forgot to bring your voucher but you will never forgot to bring along with you Microcard2u's
member card, as long as there are Microcard2u with you, you will enjoy you priviledge any where.

Benefit Of Become Microcard2u's Member

Microcard2u Loyalty Point
Once you become as member of, you can enjoy the loyalty point when you purchase from Microcard2u ( please reference to loyalty point at

Microcard2u Referral Program
And you can even introduce your friend to join to Microcard2u, we have a Referral Program for our loyalty members.
( please reference to Referral Program at

Business communication between merchant and merchant

Microcard2u System
Many of the medium to small merchant are demand for a membership system, but because of the price to custom or choose a system are expensive and make them headache. In addition, to have a system need some professional to manage, and their salary, EPF, bonus will be a pretty big long-term investment.
But now, just a little bit profit sharing, your company will have a professional online shopping platform with membership system cum promotion system. And you no need to headache to hire the professional to manage and repair your system, because Microcard2u provides you with all these people and have designed for your new sales network plan, why not do it?

Through the Microcard2u system, business and merchants hand in hand to cooperate more easily between development and more conducive to both sides business opportunities. In order to achieve business and company, business and guest, the guest and the guest interests.

What kind of merchant can be business partner with Microcard2u
Any business can become Microcard2u business partners.
From the large multinational enterprise, small to individual businessman,
As long as he wants to possess a complete international commercial system.

Merchant Collaboration
-MircoCard2u not just another online shopping platform, selling products.
-We work closely with Merchant, assist towards Merchant's success.
-We promote, market and selling products from Merchant.
-We driving more traffic to Merchant
-We are helping merchant to build theirs brand, image and social establishment.

On September 2015 Microcard Marketing was create our own brands " Chemicaboy "

Do it yourself with our professional chemical product for your home and car.
Our product range has been designed and suitable for your need & elegant lifestyle....

Our Car Beauty Product.
A good car care product is a spring of life for your car's paintwork and make your car
look smart, easy maintain, more valuable.
ChemicaBoy will be doing that for you, it's the trusted of choice for not only professional car industry but car owners too.
Pick it up and start cleaning your car with greatness today!
Product of ChemicaBoy protect your car paint from dullness caused by sunlight and rain without leaving water mark and white residue, and giving you a shine for your car everyday. Product of ChemicaBoy adds a deep layer of protection & magnifies paint reflectivity. Produce a high mirror effect shine, UV protection, water repellent & beadings, detergent-resistant, clear coat safe and long lasting.

Our Home Cleaning Product.
A good home cleaning product provide you a clean, neat, relax and comfortable home.
A high end floor conditioner with special wax formula that produces an outstanding protection, non sticky, good feet comfort, no rinse, cleans, long lasting, 99% kill bacteria, perfume aromatic fragrance, prevent insect such as ants, cockroach, fly...etc,
dust repelling for all types of flooring,
including marble, granite, ceramic tile, terrazzo, parquet, wood.. etc.
After mopped, it provides a silky-smooth, brilliant shine but slip resistance flooring and no water rinsing is required.

ChemicaBoy have many kind of chemical product - Car Beauty, Floor cleaner, Dish wash, Hand wash, Bodycare, Kitchen cleaning and Washroom cleaning¡­.etc,
and we do keep on research and upgrade our product are stable in quality, complete in specification.

All of our concept of product are in between 5E.
5 E are the concept of the product ChemicaBoy, there are
easy on easy off, easy work, environment safe, energy saving and effective.

ChemicaBoy are create and research by Microcard Marketing in 2010,
and start operate on September 2015

Our product are target for all kind of people who love Do It Yourself.
We committed
The Value Of Quality, Durability, Responsibility... Even More Than That...

On the March of 2016 Microcard Marketing was create another own brands call " Kawawear " for leather product and we complete to launch on April of 2017.

The basic concept of Kawawear product come from Internet Of Things,
Our concept are design all leather made or Handmade product with I.O.T. system.
From Belt, Keychain, Wallet, Sling Bag, Suitcase, …..

The inspiration design of Kawawear intelligent belt come from the shield of the ancent marching war,
meaning solid backing for men and health protection.
Beautiful, curvature buckle,  172.6 degree close angle design.
From ancient times to now and future, that's why Kawawear,
" The Combination Of Innovative Technology And Classic Handcraft.
Everything Now From Kawawear.
A New Concept Of Intelligent, Elegant And Luxurious Leather Product. "

We committed
The Value Of Quality, Durability, Responsibility... Even More Than That...

Thank's for Your support. 
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Kawawear Chemicaboy Shop and Earn Progtam Tian Bao Kang
Letter Of Intent
From Our Company
Medical Team
Henan Lingyue
Import And Export Trade CO.LTD.

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