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Indoor Air Quality ? What You Should Know?

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has conducted a study and found that indoor air is 500% more polluted than outdoor air! Source : Christine Whitman, EPA Administrator, ' Indoor Air Quality ' May 8, 2001

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) themselves declare that indoor air is anywhere from 2 to 10 times more hazardous than outdoor air.

Most people spend well over 90% of their time indoors, especially the young and elder. In which case, indoor air is going to impact their health far more than outdoor air.

In the US, about 1 in 9 children now have asthma. Indoor air pollutants can trigger an asthmatic attack.

Hazardous Indoor Air Pollutants





Dust Mites
Dust mites are microscopic organisms that can live and breed everywhere dust settles. They have a lifespan of up to 4 months. Dust mites are the main cause for more than 80% of the asthmatic cases.

Second Hand Smoke
People with long term exposure to second hand smoke suffer from lung damage that is equivalent to 20 years of smoking.

Bacteria & Viruses
90% of offices are full of bacteria and viruses. SARS or pneumonia are types of dangerous viruses.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) from building materials and cleaning products give off vapours that can be inhaled, which may cause headache, impaired thinking and concentration resulting in mental fatigue and confusion. Worse, it might lead to cancer!

Who are the victims?




They breathe more rapidly and have quicker blood circulations. Babies have larger skin and mucous membranes that make them absorb indoor air pollutants efficiently. This can result in development of sensitivities. Infants spend more than 90% time indoor thus make them face higher risk from indoor air pollution

Any chemicals, gases or particulates which cause irritation of the respiratory system's mucous membranes will aggravate their conditions.

Pregnant women
Pregnant women are at risk as some of these pollutants may pass through the placenta to the foetus.

The elderly
Elder who are frail and infirm are more likely to develop respiratory disorders.

Types of Air Purifier in the market

HEPA Filter System
This type of traditional air filter had been around many years ago, it uses high density filter to filter all impurity in the air.
It does no have the ability to sterilize, the filter also need to be replaced quite often
and it will also caused second pollution due to the over concentrated of dust and pollutants trapped in the filter.

Negative Ion Generators
Negative Ion is good for health and can relive fatigue,
but normal negative ion generator only release negative ion in to the air,
various bacteria, virus, dust and other pollutants is positively charged
and when the air is over charge with negative ion, the opposite charge shall attract each other,
various bacteria and pollutants shall combine and eventually form a bigger pollutant,
due to the large size it will fall to the ground or on to the furniture,
when the wind blows it will then stick to the wall and create the ' Black Wall ' effect thus create second pollution.

Ozone Generators
Ozone is created electrically during active thunderstorms.
The electrical discharge creates that sweet smell that we recognize as clean air
and that we recall as the fresh smell of laundry hung outside to dry.
Ozone is the most natural element available for ridding a home,
office or any indoor environment of unwanted mould, mildew, bacteria and odours.

Photo Catalyst Air Purifier
This is the pride innovation in the 21st century, the latest generation of air purifier,
it applies the theory of Ultraviolet (UV) and Titanium dioxide (TiO2),
which eliminates strong odor such as CH2O or C7H8 as well as other pollutants
and break down to CO2, H2O and other harmless elements,
it also destroy and kills germ and bacteria.
The unique ability of Photo Catalyst is that it does not have any side effect
however it could only destroy and skills bacteria in 10~15 seconds.

Plasma Technology Air Purifier
This high technology applies approx. 12K (DC) of high frequency high voltage,
in the mean time it produces more than 1 million negative ion,
it is then apply on the positively charge dust collector to kill bacteria.
When air with bacteria and pollutant enters the electromagnetic field,
the dust particles, bacteria, virus and other micro organism is positively charged,
when they pass through the magnetic field they shall then charge to negative charge,
using the theory of magnetic attraction, the negatively charged particles
shall be attracted to the positively charged dust collector,
as they go through the strong electromagnetic field,
the strong electric charge will destroy and kill all the micro organism,
bacteria and virus. This carbonised bacteria, virus,
nicotine shall then stick to the duct collector ensuring only purified and clean air is release into the house
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