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Benefit purchase at Microcard2u.

+ All product are warranty from the factory for 6month to 1 year.
(It will be state in the product page. If the product page are not state any warranty mean this product are not in warranty from the factory or Microcard2u.)

+ The product page are state with Microcard2u online purchase benefit.
Within 5 working days, if the product not in function, replace one to one.
(the product must be in new, if you have use your product, we try to repair it, if can't repair than we replace with new,
not included parts damaged). any enquiry please contact here

(For replacement / repair, customer post to microcard2u the postage paid by customer, and microcard2u post to customer, the postage paid by microcrd2u.)

+ This product are not warranty or replacement :-
*If cause by electric shock.
*Human factor.

+ Customer can post on our Facebook, Customer service, We will reply as soon as possible.

(All this term and conditions are purchase from microcard2u online only.
 microcard2u are not responsible the product on other purchase. such as other online not from microcard2u, counter, dealer...
but we still welcome and try our best to serve the customer if they can't find the dealer.)

Warranty Card From The Factory.

* Smart Lady Food Processor Warranty Condition  -   Model 3381, Model 6381.
* Multi Purpose Sewing Machine Warranty Condition    
* Mini Food Processor Warranty Condition    
* Super 8 Product Warranty Condition  -   Super Life
     -   Super Plasma.
     -   Super Drive
     -   Super Fridge
     -   Super Tech
     -   Super Mini Tech
     -   Super Hepa
     -   Super ionic humidifier

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