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Benefits of Air Purifiers System

Air Cleaning Product Page

Continuously regenerate fresh oxygen

Power sanitizer prevent and reduce virus and bacterial contaminations

Testimonies proven to reduce sinus and respiratory problems

Eliminate unpleasant odors

Reduce smoke particles

Reduce radiation

Release energetic negative ions

Durable and reliable non-stop operation, clean and revitalize the air you breathe

The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks indoor air pollution amongst the top 8 environmental risks to health. Air pollution causes many diseases and is known to be the "invisible killer". Severe air pollution problems have also caused many people to live under unpleasant living conditions. Respiratory ailments (35.7%), lung disease (22%) and lung cancer (15%) are the adverse effects.

According to a WHO report: "The victims of air pollution are estimated to be 1.6 million death yearly, that is at a rate of 20 seconds/per death."

Air Purifier�s high level of quality and performance is the result of renowned German technology. Our range of products have technological & filtration functions that can effectively capture various kinds of harmful airborne micro-particles and toxic contaminants released from open burning, industrial fumes, car exhaust, smoking, etc.

Super8 provides you with total air solutions to create a healthier indoor environment through purified air filled with negative ions.


根据世界卫生组织(WHO),室内空气污染是排名第八的主要健康风险因素。室内空气污染已成为多种疾病的诱发因素,是威海人健康的隐形杀手。全 球近一半的人处于室内空气污染中,已引起35.7%的呼吸管道疾病,22%的慢性肺炎和15%的气管炎,支气管炎和肺癌。世界卫生组织(WHO)又表示 每年有160万人死于室内空气污染-即每20秒有一人死亡。

Super8空气净化器是采用来自德国的技术,作为世界科技含量最高的空气净化器的典范,在欧美国家已经风行了许久。除了因为它的功能比一般空气净 化器优越,他还能帮消费者省钱省时,省工。空气净化器对室内空气进行深层过滤,将有害物质散发的有毒,有害气体等转换成清新空气。具有杀菌, 除臭,防污,防辐射,增加氧气,增加负离子等功能。 

Air Cleaning Product Page

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