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Two Outstanding Features of Air Purifiers

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i) Negative Ions:

Negative ions are colorless and odorless molecules that can be found in abundance in the mountains, waterfalls and beaches. Studies have shown that negative ions can help alleviate depression, stress, drowsiness, pain and coughs, stops itchiness, improve appetite, anti-hypertension and result in higher alertness.

Negative ions increases after a thunderstorm which is why we usually feel  invigorated and refreshed. Spending or working long hours in a tightly confined air-conditioned room deprive us of negative ions, we may feel tired, depressed and irritable. A normal human needs millions of negative ions daily.


雷雨过后,空气的负离子增多,人们感到心情舒畅。而在冷气房内,因为空气中的负离子经过一系列空调净化处理,以及漫长通风管道后几乎全部消失,人一旦长时 间置身其中,就会感到胸闷,头晕,乏力,工作效率和健康状况大幅度下降,这种症状被称为空调综合症。事实上,人类每天需要130亿颗负离子。

ii) Ozone:

The word ozone is derived from a Greek word ozein meaning "smeel". Ozone (O3) is an allotropic form of oxygen (O2) with three atoms in each molecule. The smell of freshness in the air after a thunderstorm is normally associated as a light "green grass fragrance", this is the smell resulting from the formation of ozone.

When ozone is in the air encounters pollutants, the third oxygen atom separates itself from the ozone molecule and attaches itself to the contaminant, neutralizing and destroying it by oxidation. During this process, the extra atom of oxygen is destroyed, leaving only purified oxygen, and the odors and bacteria can be completely eliminated and destroyed.




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