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Gift Site - gift item for Perpetual Protection Plan

Term & Conditions

The gift item is subject to change without prior notice, while stocks last.

( Microcard Marketing have the right to change the term & condition of this Gift Site from time to time,
please understand !

In the event of discrepancies between the printing of material and microcard2u website,
the microcard2u website shall prevail ).

Item Description Status Remarks
Gift A  1 box Kawawear Intelligent Keychain.   Available
Click for more product detail

This gift item are warranty by Microcard Marketing. please refer to Kawawear warranty.

Gift B  1 Botol Of Tian Bao Kang Pine Pollen.   Available
Click for more product detail

This product are distribute by
Microcard Marketing in Malaysia.

Gift C Spending APP   Not Available Now.
Coming soon...
Download an APP to your mobile phone.
* You will entitle to enjoy a point rebate to your APP account, 1point are equal to RM1. ( maximum 1095 point ).
* Daily point rebate 0.05% from RM1095 into your APP account.
This gift item are 3rd party program, is not guarantee by Microcard Marketing / Perpetual Trustees Berhad.

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