JOT Resource Network Perkongsian Liabiliti Terhad
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Company Information
Introduce Of Jot Resource Network Perkongsian Liabiliti Terhad (LLP No. LLP0017987-LGN)

Jot Resource Network Perkongsian Liabiliti Terhad (LLP No. LLP0017987-LGN)
was established at 10 OCT 2018, and it combine with a couple of company with the goal of supplying wide range
of online Platform, internet of thing, health & medical product, handicrafts, handmade, industry product,
engineering & construction, raw material supply and trading with cost-effective oem for the client using
with their own brand.

Philosophy & Vision
We aim to be the leading concept technology of choice that consistently achieves excellence.
New era, new concepts, convenient and environmentally friendly
Save the earth, each a reality, but the earth forever.

The Motto & Mission
We are committed to delivery quality product, timely delivery, safe working environment,
cost effective and value to our customer.
We aim to provide a platform for our staff to develop their potential and to excel within organization.
By the quality, durability, responsibility for the premise,
more than the best and with your preferential omnipresent topics.

Core value
- We challenge ourselves to excel and believe that everyone has opportunities for carrer growth.
- We hire and train the most capable staff and reward superior performance.
- We work with our client, consultants and subsidiary as a team basis, and mutual respect to bring success.
- We assure quality and timely delivery thats meets customer satisfaction.
- We continuously upgrade our performance and communication through active participation
and teamwork of all our people, with improve commitment.
- We benchmarking our Quality Management System work processes base on or exceeding the requirement.

Health, Safety and Environment
- We recognize that Health, Safety and Environment at work is one of the most important in our organisation.
- We placed highest priority in protecting the Health and safety of all personnel from recognizes
hazards while preventing damage to the environment.
- We are committed in ensuring that all personnel enjoy a safe, healthy and conducive working environment.

Our Business
Jot Resource Network Perkongsian Liabiliti Terhad (LLP No. LLP0017987-LGN)
Group of company are involve in few categlories of business.

- Engineering & Construction
- Industrial Product
- Construction Material Supply

- Property Development
- Property Management
- Hospitality

- Commodity Trading
- Oem Branding
- Branding

- Online Platform
- Internet of Thing

We committed
The Value Of Quality, Durability, Responsibility... Even More Than That...

Thank's for Your support.
JOT Resource Network PLT
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