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What Is Perpetual Protection Plan?
Perpetual Protection Plan product has 4 features namely
Death Or Total Permanent Disablement Benefit, Funeral Expenses, Legal Services and Device Protection.
Perpetual Trustees Berhad (PTB) has designed Perpetual Protection Plan for both Malaysian and Foreigners. Perpetual Trustees Berhad (PTB) through legal arrangement is the owner of the Perpetual Protection Plan product whereas Microcard Marketing is the business development company who is responsible for marketing and sales and responsible for the device protection, online shopping program. The key feature of this product is Perpetual Trustees Berhad (PTB) will undertake as a Trustee to arrange and to pay for funeral and repatriation services and expenses in the event of death of its members and Total & Permanent (TPD) in the event of injury.
Perpetual Trustees Berhad (PTB) will guarantee its members remains are repatriated and handle according to one’s customary and religious rites and that the loved ones will receive death benefits upon its member demise.
Our mission is to SERVE and HELP your family members in handling your untimely demise. We will defray your family’s financial burden during their grief and hardship.

Why purchase Perpetual Protection Plan?
A When members die unexpectedly due to accident or sickness, it becomes a costly burden and hassle for employers of the members and government agencies.
B The cost of handling and transporting the bodies of the deceased members back to his/her country of origin is a cumbersome, time consuming and expensive affair.
C Your family is grieving for your loss and income support and you want to release them from financial burden.
D You want your funeral rites to be conducted at your home of origin / country and according to your wishes.
E You can secure 20-30% discount on the legal fees for civil and criminal cases.
F You will receive device protection - our Intelligent Keychain with the feature of anti-theft, anti-loss, two-way search function. you can protect your device anywhere, anytime.
G You get to participate in online shopping - members can register at our website ( ), will enjoy a reward of point to purchase many exciting products at an affordable price and enjoy a referral program.

Who is Perpetual Trustees Berhad (PTB) ?
A Perpetual Trustees Berhad (PTB ) is a Private Trust Corporation incorporated in year 2005.
B The company is regulated by the Trust Companies ACT 1949 and Trustees Act 1949.
C We are a reporting body under Anti Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism.
D For proper governance we have the following in place :-
i. Internal Control Policies and Procedures on Anti Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism.
ii. Internal Corporate Governance & Compliance.
iii. Financial Reporting and Independent Auditor.
iv. Corporate Responsibilities and Compliance.
v. Administrative Guidelines and Policies.

Who is Microcard Marketing ( MCCM )?
Microcard Marketing is responsible for the device protection, online program and the Business Development Company who is responsible in promoting and selling Perpetual Protection Plan to the public at large.

Why choose Perpetual Protection Plan?
A Because we are innovative and we have designed this special product with you in mind.
B Is a trust product and Perpetual Trustees Berhad are guarantee to take care of you and your family’s needs in a swift and efficient way upon your death.
C We are professionally managed by experienced and trained experts to handle your affair.

Who should purchase Perpetual Protection Plan?
A Employers buying for employees.
B Foreign workers = Employers buying for employees / Employees buying for themselves.
C Foreign students.
D Regular travelers to Malaysia.
E Malaysians of 18-65 years.

How to purchase Perpetual Protection Plan?
A The cost of Perpetual Protection Plan is RM1095.00 for three (3) years.
B Payment : The Payment must be deposited ( Cheque, BankTransfer, Cash payment )
i. into “ Perpetual Trustees Berhad “ bank account. Perpetual Trustees Berhad will issue official receipt and send it to you within 3 working days upon receipt of full payment.
and / or
ii. into " Microcard Marketing " a temporary receipt will be issue by Microcard Marketing.
Perpetual Trustees Berhad will issue official receipt and send it to you within 3 working days upon receipt of full payment.
C Copy of NRIC for Malaysian / Valid Passport for foreigner.
D Form to sign up.
i. Perpetual Protection Plan " Trust Declaration Form ".
ii. Perpetual Protection Plan " Appointment Of Trustee Form ".
iii. Hard copy of passport size photo.
E Perpetual Trustees Berhad ( PTB ) will issue you a membership card and the membership card is valid for three (3) years. The Membership card will be given to you within 1 month from the date of purchase Perpetual Protection Plan.
F A Kawawear Intelligent Keychain after you make the payment.
G Pick a gift from our gift site.

What happens if the member loses his/her membership card?
Contact Perpetual Trustees Berhad (PTB) for replacement for a fees of RM10.

* Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
* Check your gift item :
Perpetual Protection Plan Gift Site
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* Perpetual Protection Plan Benefits

Any Product Enquiry please contact us to send our nearest dealer to serve you.
Hotline +60 16 263 2281
Email -

Thank's for Your support.

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