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Dancing    - Body Mass Index Calculater

Aerobic High Impact 446
Aerobic General 414
Aerobic Step, with 6-8 inch step 542
Aerobic Low Impact 319
Aerobic Anishinaabe Jingle dancing or other Traditional American
Indian Dancing
Ballet or Modern Twist, Jazz, Tap, Jitterbug 306
Ballroom Dancing Fast 350
Ballroom Fast (Disco, Folk, Square), Line Dancing, Irish Step Dancing, Polka, Contra, Country 287
Ballroom Slow (E.g. Waltz, Foxtrot, Slow Dancing), Samba, Tango, 19th C, Mambo, Chacha  191
General Greek, Middle Eastern, Hula, Flamenco, Belly, and Swing Dancing  287

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