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Microcard2u product video store
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Page4     Microcard2u product video store content

Microcard2u product video store content

Page1 1. Kawawear intelligent product introduce.
2. Kawawear intelligent belt.
3. Chemicaboy leather protection cream & leather shine classic.
Page2 1. Chemicaboy waterless wash & wax.
2. Chemicaboy water & dust repellent nanocoating.
3. Chemicaboy spray mop and clean combo set - how to install.
Page3 1. Chemicaboy easy wash dish wash - how to clean sticky egg from plastic pan.
2. Kawawear intelligent belt info.
3. Kawawear - how to rename the device.
Page4 1. Kawawear Intelligent-Keychain - How To Use The Keychain As
    * Remote Control Camera ( Selfie). 
    * One Touch To Find.

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