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What is affecting the health of our generaton? 为什么现代人的健康水平越来越差?

In recent years the poor air quality affected by the haze from forest fires and open burning caused many ailments. Viruses and bacteria transmitted through the air can cause diseases such as bird flu, influenza, SARS, measles, and respiratory allergies.

Indoor chemical pollutants irritate the eyes, nose, throat and skin, resulting in stinging eyes, sneezing, coughs, and soreness and dryness in the throat. Long term exposure to these conditions is particularly harmful to the lungs and tracheas of growing children and the elderly, and can lead to lung cancer.

近年来频频发生由空气所引发的疾病,如困扰我们长达10年之久的森林大火引来的烟霾问题,细菌所引起的疾病如禽流感,流行感冒,过敏症,SARS,麻疹, 结核等呼吸道传染病都会借助空气在室内传播。许多室内的化学污染物都是刺激性气体,会刺激眼,鼻,喉咙及皮肤,引起流泪,咳嗽,喷嚏等反应;而长此以往尤 其对小孩正在长得肺和器官影响最坏,当中也会引发严重并发症,如肺炎的个案。

Do you have the following symptoms?
Fatigue, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, bronchitis, colds, flu, throat infection, breathing difficulties, moody, lack of concentration, decline in memory, low immune system, bad blood circulation, weak metabolism and asthma...


If you do... you are very likely to be affected by polluted indoor air!

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